Access Control

Control who accesses your business through remote door locks and automation.

Smarter Access Control

Whether your store has only one door or numerous, Security Systems Plus’  access control systems for business have you covered. Our commercial access control technology seamlessly integrates into our unified, cloud-based security platform, allowing you to secure your business from wherever you are. 

Receive user activity alerts and get notified when an employee is opening late or closing early.

Receive video doorbell calls and buzz open the door right from the video call screen to let someone in remotely.

With user codes and card access, you can manage system login permissions across your staff in bulk or by employee. If you have more than 20 employees, user codes and key card access can save your business time and money.

One of the top three capabilities K-12 schools value most is the ability to automatically lock school doors and shut off door access if danger is detected.³’s  access control systems for business seamlessly integrates into our unified, cloud-based security platform—allowing you to secure your schools instantly.   

Lock, unlock, and buzz doors open from anywhere using the app or website.

Easily add and revoke mobile lock control permissions for faculty, staff, cleaning crews, and more.

Receive video doorbell calls when deliveries arrive. Buzz the door open right from the video call screen to let them in remotely.

Enterprise Dashboard

The Enterprise Dashboard is a single, intuitive interface for real-time management of intrusion, energy, door access, and video systems in multiple schools across a township or multiple buildings on one campus.

Manage your school’s access control system to ensure faculty and staff have the right level of access by editing permissions when necessary—in real time from your computer or the easy-to-use app. Apply group-wide settings and rules to save time and increase consistency.

Track Employee Time and Attendance

Keep track of when staff come and go with office access control systems. Get notified if someone opens the office late or closes early, enabling your managers to respond as needed using the Enterprise Dashboard.

Protect Valuable Information and Data

Secure confidential employee and business information inside your office—including HR documents, customer data, and more—with our all-in-one solution

Recognize False Alarms

Rely on an integrated business security system that notifies you of any alarm event. You can instantly check your office access control system or video surveillance to verify if the alarm is real or false and take the appropriate action.

Key Features of Remote Door Locks:

Did You Lock Your Doors This Morning?

Lock and unlock your home with the tap of a button. You control who gets in the home and when.

Other Solutions Include

• Know who is accessing your home and receive notifications when they lock/unlock the door

• Lock and unlock your doors remotely at any time

• Set alerts to know when your kids arrive home from school.

• Never be locked out of your house again

• Doors can be automatically locked when alarm system is armed

Remote Garage Door Control

Don't leave the biggest door on your house open

Key Features of Remote Garage Door Control

  • Check to see if you left your garage door open no matter where you are

  • Remotely open and close your garage door from your smartphone

  • Receive an alert if the garage door is left open

What we do
to protect your home


Protect what matters with alarm systems and security features.

Home Automation

Control your security, lighting, and climate with the tap of a button.

Video Surveillance

See everything with HD video surveillance that never sleeps.

Access Control

Protect what matters with alarm systems and security features.

Fire Alarms

Control your security, lighting, and climate with the tap of a button.

Central Monitoring

See everything with HD video surveillance that never sleeps.

Protect your peace of mind with a security system you can trust

Security Systems Plus, Inc. has been helping families and businesses feel safer with state of the art security and surveillance systems for decades.

How Can Our Smart Security Systems Help You?

Security monitoring systems are not just a “nice-to-have,” they are a necessity.
Our smart security systems utilize the latest technology for reliable protection, valuable insights, and smarter automation.

Security monitoring systems should give you the peace of mind to live your life with the assurance that your security is always doing its job in the background. Our innovative technology responds immediately to suspicious activity and alerts you to potential incidents.

Here are a few examples of why so many home and business owners rely on for their peace of mind:

Smart Cameras

Keep an eye on everything in HD with video cameras that enable you to see everything, talk to guests, and proactively deter unwanted visitors.

Remote control

Manage your security from anywhere with our innovative all-in-one app. Take action from wherever you are with a single tap of a button.

Video Monitoring

Know who’s on your property at any time remotely. Get alerts about the moments that matter to you in real time, sent to your mobile device.

Wellness Solutions

Worried about a family member? Implement an all-in-one smart home system that enables you to stay aware, without compromising independence.

Intrusion Detection

Get 24-hour awareness with us. Arm your system and control access. Reduce false alarms, consolidate functions, and retire outdated systems.

Cloud Based

Our technology allows for streamlined, multi-location management. Control your security with the smart security system that always has your back.

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